The Cheesetrolls (“The Boxtrolls” review)

Hello, Academy, it’s Captain Critic here and I’m bringing you another review! I will choose any movies you guys suggest in the comments and will have a review hopefully every 1-two weeks on Mondays. Let’s get right to it!

Thank you to cocotanner for suggesting this movie!


I haven’t seen any clay-mation feature films since Frankenweenie. And no good one since Paranorman. *sigh* I might as well just- WAIT!! A NEW CLAYMATION MOVIE!! “THE BOXTROLLS”!! I’M TOTALLY GOING TO SEE THAT!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, we haven’t had a claymation movie for a long time. And now we do.

“The Boxtrolls”, release date September 26, directed by Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi, produced by Travis Knight and David Ichioka, and written by Irena Brignull and Adam Pava. The stars of this film are:

Isaac Hempstead-Wright

Elle Fanning

Ben Kingsley

Toni Collette

Jared Harris

Simon Pegg

Nick Frost

Richard Ayoade

Tracy Morgan

We know it’s good when Gandhi is in it.

Now this is perhaps one of the most brilliant films I have seen in a while. I will give you a brief summary: A Vicotrian-England city has creatures roaming the streets at night called “box trolls”. (hence the name because they wear cardboard boxes for clothing) The people of the town think they are monsters that kidnap and eat children. This is not true. They are simply looking for parts to build their underground society. Accompanied by a boy named Eggs, they try to stop an evil pest exterminator from snatching up the trolls so he can get his award to join a high-class organization in the town called the White Hats. The box trolls stop him and they are no longer known as children-eating monsters, but friends of the people. Yes, this sounds like a very good movie.

Now the thing that really kills it is because it’a  stop-motion film. Oh we love those, isn’t that right? It’s Tim Burton quality in my own opinion. I loved the way the characters looked and all the details in their faces with the wrinkles and the coloring. ESPECIALLY THE TEETH. Looked like authentic British teeth. Dirty and crooked. I mean as in 18th century teeth! No one took care of their teeth back then. I’m not saying English people have bad teeth! (but Brits still don’t buy braces today. Personal experience at London.) Any movie that’s clay-mation is good. I give it a star for that.

The plot was excellent. It was a exciting, humorous, suspenseful, and very very touching. I mean the boy named Eggs was raised by the Boxtrolls! They played music together when he was little with things they found in the city. It was ADORABLE!! Now the thing that made you upset is when the exterminator would snatch the box trolls at night when they were looking for things on the street. And how they couldn’t do anything about it or they would get captured. However their disguise mechanism is great. Arms and legs and head go *WOOP* and they’re inside the box.

Moving on to characters! I loved that each boxtroll had it’s own little trademark. The trolls’ names were given by the logo or sticker on their box that they each wore. If it was a box where fish were stored into, then the troll wearing it would be called “Fish”. If it was a shoe box, the troll wearing it would be called “Shoe”. Loved that idea they did! Characters were great in this movie. Especially because they had accents. When characters have accents, it really illustrates the characters. For example they would either have a cheery little English-boy accent, or that very un-settling villain accent.

I If this movie was set in somewhere like the US, it TOTALLY would of changed the whole movie. The setting of the movie was in a small English town called Cheesebridge, known for it’s cheese tasting organization, the White Hats. The film gives the town a very narrow, edgy kind of feeling. All the houses were slanted and there were narrow, windy, and steep roads. I definitely had this old rusty feeling to it, giving it the right mood to the film. Now there’s the boxtrolls’ underground cave. It’s the coolest place to have a hangout! They have a giant clock in the center, little markets, and a super cool way to get to the there: a slide that comes from the sewer and leads into a dirt tunnel; the way to get up to the town: a vacuum-tube that sucks you up to the sewer! I would totally live there and just eat bugs all day long. I’m joking. I wouldn’t live there. I would still eat bugs though.

This movie is getting very popular right now. It’s very appealing to kids because they love the goofy trolls, and adults like it because it’s actually has a good plot and everyone will bond with the characters in it. That’s a start! The film has only made over $76 million dollars since September 26th, but has paid it’s budget for the making of the film.  If this film was 3D animated, it would probably either make less money then it would if it was clay-mation because using stop-motion and clay figures is extremely creative and you can actually see a set if you go to Hollywood.

Overall, this film should get a 4/5 stars. My only nitpick was that this film was NOT made by Tim Burton. He could of made it way creepier, as he has done with several of his- sorry, ALL of his movies. However, I didn’t want to leave the theater because I wanted to see every second of it, even though I drank large root beer and I was crossing my legs the entire time thinking “WHEN WILL THIS END??? MY BLADDER WILL EXPLODE INTO PIECES!”

I hope you will also enjoy it, too, so go to your local theater and buy a ticket for The Boxtrolls. I would appreciate it if you could leave suggestions for any movie I should review next Monday. Thank you, Academy, and I will see you next week. Captain Critic is out!


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